Wolf Brand Chili Wolf Brand Chili

A True Texas Original Since 1895

Authentic chili taste, with a unique blend of seasonings and hearty beef, made for generations.

The Making of a Legend

For generations, the Wolf Brand unique blend of seasonings and good, hearty beef has delivered authentic chili taste.

The original Wolf Brand Chili recipe was developed in 1895 by a Texas ranch cook and Lyman T. Davis. Recognizing that they had something good, the pair brought their specialty by wagon to the oil boomtown of Corsicana, Texas. There they sold it for five cents a bowl in front of the Blue Front Saloon.

By the early 1920s, the chili's great-tasting reputation had spread, so Mr. Davis began canning the chili. At the suggestion of a local photographer, Mr. Davis’ pet wolf, Kaiser Bill, was selected to grace the label. Suddenly the chili had a name, Wolf Brand, which became as famous as its flavor.